Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Christians Like

Price: $10.99
Author: Jon Acuff

Using the same humor and honesty that galvanized more than a million online readers from more than 200 countries, speaker Jon Acuff brings his insightful take on Christianity to the book world with this new edition of Stuff Christians Like. 

Do you constantly find yourself towing the fine line between praying before certain types of meals and not others? This book is for you. Have you fallen in love on a mission trip, just to break up when you get home? This book is for you. Are you a unicorn of purity who ranks honeymoon sex slightly higher than the second coming of Christ? Guess what – this book is for you, too.

It’s time to shake off Somber Christian Syndrome and embrace the quirks of being a member of God’s kingdom. This book will teach you how to:

  • Break up with your small group
  • Subtly find out if your new Christian friends drink beer too
  • Recognize the shame grenade that is a Jesus Juke
  • Avoid a prayer handholding faux pas
  • Say something Christian-y without looking like a snake handler

From prayer shot blocks to metro worship leaders, no stone is left unturned in this hilarious look at faith.

“I never knew how much I needed Jesus until I found out I was judging people who use the table of contents in their Bible. This book saved me from looking like a bad Christian.” – Sister Mary Francis, Rhode Island.

“It’s such a time saver to know that my Chick-fil-a from the drive-thru comes pre-blessed. I always knew I was making the right choice by choosing the Lord’s chicken.” – Dave L., South Carolina.