TW Outfitters is proud to promote TWU spirit and support our campus community by donating goods or services for student organizations and on-campus activities. If you are part of a TWU student organization, we want to help. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we do have to say no sometimes but fill out the form and give it a go. Our budget has limits but we'll do as much as we can. Please read the guidelines and complete a donation request form before approaching our staff for a donation. 



The Rules: 

  • We require at least 10 business days to consider and fulfill donation requests so get it in early.  
  • All requests go to the TWO donations committee and final approval is at the discretion of the store manager. 
  • We only donate once per year to any group. Even if it's your first time asking, keep in mind someone from your organization may have already received a donation. 
  • Do not request monetary gifts. We don't do that. That's too extra. TW Outfitters provides small items like T-shirts, water bottles or candy. 
  • No exchanges or refunds on donated items. If a person comes to the store requesting a refund or exchange of a donated item, they will be directed back to your organization. If you want to purchase items to give as prizes then we can exchange or refund them. You must provide a gift receipt to the winner. 


We are also happy to work with you to custom order promotional items or to negotiate a discount on bulk orders. To discuss special orders or group pricing, please contact our Merchandise Buyer.