May I Have A Word With You

May I Have A Word With You

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Author: Tickner

Words are the foundation of all communication, the foundation upon which we build our understanding of the world around us ... of nature, philosophy, faith, and of ourselves.

But where do those words come from?

Using humor and insight paired with in-depth etymological knowledge, the author explores the origins of over two hundred words commonly found within the sphere of religion and spirituality.

Created to give voice to reflection and emotion, such words are like windows we can look through to see the meaning and wonder of our lives. As such, the more we know about how they evolved, the more we can appreciate the experiences and wisdom of those who created them and recognize how such words continue to evolve in use and meaning.

This provocative book will help you rethink the words you use to speak about spirituality and faith. This book will give you a new appreciation for their origins and power....